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Hello and welcome to my website. I’m an indie sci-fi author who loves to write post-apocalyptic and space sci-fi stories with real heart, humor and adventure. I have eight published books so far, with another five planned to be published before the end of 2020. Note... If it's already 2020 or later, please contact me to get me to update this website! The Planetsider Trilogy is a post-apocalyptic thriller with a military sci-fi twist, while Life After The Fall is the prequel novella to the trilogy. You can read the latter for free (see below). The Contingency War is a four book space opera series, following the remarkable adventures of Captain Taylor Ray and his crew.

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The Contingency War Series

The entire Contingency War Series is now available as an audiobook, on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Narrated by Doug Tisdale Jr., it's perfect for fans of Chaney and Allan, and military space opera. 

Get stuck in to 24 hours of epic sci-fi action today!


The Planetsider Trilogy

A post-apocalytpic thriller with a military sci-fi twist.

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The Planetsider

The Last of The Firsts (NEW).jpg

The Last of the Firsts

The Contingency War

No-one comes in peace. Every being in the galaxy wants something, and is willing to take it by force.

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The Contingency

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The Way Station Gambit

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Rise of Nimrod Fleet

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Earth's Last War


Free Book

Life After The Fall

You can download and read the prequel novella to The Planetsider Trilogy for free to see if you like my writing style and stories. Just hit the button below. Or scroll down to learn more about my books.


About Me

At school I was asked to write down the jobs I wanted to do as a ‘grown up’. Number one was astronaut and number two was a PC games journalist. I only managed to achieve one of those goals (I’ll let you guess which), but these two very different career options still neatly sum up my lifelong interests in science, space and the unknown.
School also steered me in the direction of a science-focused education over literature and writing, which influenced my decision to study  physics  at Manchester  University.  What this degree taught me is that I didn’t like studying  physics  and instead enjoyed writing much more! The lesson? School can’t tell you who you are.
When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my family, walking in the British countryside, and indulging in as much Sci-Fi as possible.


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