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New series! Aternien Wars

I'm happy to announce that my new series - Aternien Wars - is now up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle! If you enjoyed Omega Taskforce and Descendants of War then you'll be right at home with this 5-book militaristic space opera. The story follows Master Commander Carter Rose, an augmented, bio-engineered officer who commanded the most powerful warship ever devised by human minds. Rose and his crew won the war against the post-human Aternien Empire, then the Union cast him out... A century later, the Aterniens are back, but can Rose set aside 100 years of bitterness and resentment to don the uniform and fight once again? I love the Aterniens, who are styled on the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. You can see the "god king", Markus Aternus, on the cover of book #2 - Enemy Within - along with the Overseer, another key character. Carter Rose is front and centre of book #1, along with his snarky XO, Major Carina Larsen. Check out the awesome hand-painted covers by Tom Edwards, and click the link to see the series page for the full blurbs. I just added book #4 of #5, so you may be able to see that live too, by the time you read this! I'm really excited for you to read the Aternien Wars! Book #1 - Forsaken Commander - comes out on June 11th, but you can pre-order right now.

Check out the first three covers below!

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