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1 Best Seller in Alien Invasion Sci-Fi

Forsaken Commander had a great launch, hitting #1 in Alien Invasion Sci-Fi on Amazon USA, UK and Canada and holding that spot for a full week! It was also the #1 New Release!

If you bought or borrowed the book in KU and contributed to this great launch, I send you my heartfelt thanks. And if you've yet to get on the Forsaken Commander bandwagon then there's still time! It's still 99¢ and free in Kindle Unlimited.

Forsaken Commander for 99¢ - Buy Now

In other book news, I finished the first draft of book #1 in my next series, which is a like a cross between Star Wars: Andor and The Running Man, with a bit of Hunger Games thrown in for good measure. It's good, even if I do say so myself! But more on that another time.


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